How to Craft an Authentic Social Media Presence


Before I get into my post I want to share a little scenario with you:

Like many bloggers who post content on the internet- I am very meticulous in what I choose to post to social media. If I’m being completely honest- I have dozens of copies of the same photo and I usually go through them multiple times before I decide to post it. Then, I wait. I sit and check my phone for notifications. I scroll through my feed and see what other people have posted. This is when doubt starts to settle in. I start to regret posting the picture(even if it was just a cup of coffee sitting next to my computer. Thoughts about what my friends and followers will think of it cloud my head and I wonder if I should have even posted in the first place.

Does this sound familiar? Many of us often get trapped in comparison, but I’m here to tell you that obsessing over what other people think is not worth it…and here’s why.

Last night, I was scrolling through the apps on my phone. I went through the same couple of apps and eventually found my way to Instagram. I started to go through the profiles of people I was following and found myself in awe of how they were living their lives. I craved what I saw in their stories almost as if I was watching a television show. Then these 6 words crossed my mind- and later but everything into perspective.

“I want to be like them”

My mind lingered on the phrase a bit- and I asked myself…”Do I really want to be like these people?”. I have no idea what is going on in their lives, what they have overcome, and the things they have to face every day. Then, I started to think about my own life. I craved the life of someone else- but didn’t think about the one I was truly blessed with. I didn’t live in a big city, or drink green smoothies every day for breakfast- but I do have a supportive family, an amazing church, and a closet full of beautiful clothes. I have a healthy body, and the ability to take walks during golden hour. I was able to wake up in the morning and make breakfast while cuddling with my dog.

I was spending so much time watching the lives of others- that I wasn’t taking time to appreciate the life I have been given. This moment reminded me of a practice I learned in Gabrielle Bernstein’s book “The Universe has your Back”. In one of the chapter’s she talks about having the power to be present. Everyday we have the power to wake up and pursue what we want in life…but it really starts with us.

With this new mindset I decided to craft an Instagram post that was truly authentic. I wasn’t after likes…I wrote what was on my heart. I am about three months in to my post grad life and my situation isn’t as sunny as I thought it be. In this post I was honest about my feelings. I wanted to encourage those who came across my picture to be authentic with their social media presence- and I wasn’t expecting anything in return. So I posted the picture and put my phone down.

When I picked up my phone moments later, I didn’t expect the response my message was getting. I had dozens of comments and likes showing up in my notifications. I would be lucky to get 20 likes on a photo in my feed but I was getting almost double that amount. A feeling of peace surrounded me as I responded to the comments. This peace wasn’t a result of the number of likes or even the praise from commenters. This peace came from from somewhere much more meaningful.

It came from the heart.

I wasn’t trying to be someone else, or framing the best parts of my life for others to see. I was raw and honest about the struggles going on in my life…and that really spoke to my audience! No one is happy 100% of the time- but EVERYONE struggles with something. So instead of trying to make my feed perfect- I stripped it down to the person I really am inside and trusted that this was enough for me.

Trust me, showing the messy parts of you can be scary…but I invite you to share what’s underneath. You don’t have to tell everyone about every aspect of your life, but we all know our lives aren’t rainbows and unicorns 24/7. Who knows…they might even relate to what you have to say(P.S they usually do;)

So, I challenge you to post an authentic post on any of your social media platforms(or all of them!). If you decide to do this…I’d love to see it!! Tag me in your posts on Instagram @jasminealiamatos, twitter @sheswellread with the hashtag #sheswellread !

I hope you guys were inspired by this post to be more authentic on social media…I have some exciting projects(and possibly courses!) in the works, so make sure you are subscribed to my newsletter and are following me on social media!

With Love & Magic,


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