Bookish Character Challenge: Alice Cullen


Hi I’m SO excited for this week’s post… because it’s my first installment of my Bookish Character Challenge! I’m currently on New Moon(the second book in the twilight series) but I know Alice pretty well from the first book so I’m excited to do a drop character analysis and share how I channeled her this week! I will separate this post into 3 different categories: My character analysis, an inspired outfit, and my inspired “Day in the life”! I hope you guys enjoy… let’s get into the good stuff!🧚🏼‍♀️

My Character Analysis

Alice is definitely my favorite character so far(although I still have quite a few books to go before finishing the series). She has this impish and fairy like quality to her- making her unique compared to the other characters. I myself am a very quirky person(ask any of my friends or family) and I really related to her character being a little eccentric. Although I have some qualms about the way the movie portrayed the books- I will say that Ashley Greene did a great job of portraying Alice… and I look forward to comparing the two portrayals know that I have started reading the books!


Aside for my love for literature- I also enjoy fashion! I love recreating outfits and Alice was such a fun character to style! Even though it’s still summer where I live- I opted for some warmer pieces… after all- technically I’d be living in Forks🙈

Here are the outfit deets!

Top: Leopard Cami, White Cropped T-shirt(Both from Forever 21)

Bottom: Ripped Jeans(Express)

Accessories: Black Scrunchie(Forever 21)

I had so much fun picking out an outfit for Alice because her style(in my opinion) is really fun and bubbly like her personality. I feel like she’d totally wear TONS of crazy prints and of course plenty of scrunchies on her wrist.

“Day in the Life”

Alice is very in tune with her surroundings and has a keen ability of predicting events that happen in the future. I certainly do not have that ability(but it would be awesome if I did!) but I decided to channel this energy into journaling about my own future! I sat in chair about by my bed and intensely drafted what I thought my future would look like. In addition to this- I took a look at my dream journal. I have very vivid dreams(sometimes even lucid ones) and I find it helpful to write them down in one place so I can remember them clearly. I think Alice would do the same thing if she could dream!

Well- that’s about it for the post! Alice was such a fun character to recreate and I’m really excited to start doing more of these posts for the blog! If you have a suggestion for the next character I do comment down below or DM me on any of my social media platforms!! If you decide to do this character challenge… I’d LOVE to see it! Use the hashtag #bookishcc or #sheswellread so I can find it and make sure to tag me! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and be on the lookout for more things coming soon.

With Love & Magic,

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