*New Series*: Bookish Character Challenge



If this is the first post you’re reading from me- Welcome! and if you’ve been here before I am excited to be back on my computer and creating content for the blog. A trend I’ve seen going around in the fashion and beauty industry is dressing up like famous celebrities for a week. Each day the person creating the outfits would choose an iconic look that the celebrity/ TV star is known for. I decided to do something similar but instead of using celebrities for inspiration- I would choose a book character. If you have been following me for awhile, you know have obsessed with books I am(and I certainly have the shelves the prove it). I decided that each week I would choose a book and post my adventure living like this character at the end of the week. I’m not too keen on showing my face on camera but I am considering doing “Vlog” style updates on my Instagram. (Introverts will know the struggle). If you are interested in following me through this series and potentially choosing which character I do every week please make sure you’re subscribed to both my blog(upper righthand corner) and my Instagram(jasminealiamatos). I’m super excited about this series and I hope you guys are too! My first post will be up next Friday…be sure to check my Instagram to see the first character I’m doing!

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